OMNI HypnoCell®

What is OMNI HypnoCell®?

OMNI HypnoCell® is a form of hypnosis where the OMNI HypnoCell® specialist will work on a cellular and DNA level communicating directly with cells in the body. It works on a cellular level for accelerated recovery and slowing the aging process. This technique helps patients recover faster from injuries, surgeries, chemotherapy, depression and other such ailments. Your body, head and subconscious become a powerful team using every lever to optimize the recovery process.

Have you had an accident? Injured and can’t move like before? Are you worried about an operation or have undergone an operation? And your immune system does not cooperate? Are you an athlete and can’t do your best anymore?

Do you want to accelerate the healing process? And you want to prepare yourself fully for chemo or a surgery? Do you want to get rid of the pain in your back? Increase endurance in sports and strengthen your immune system?


  • Accelerates the body’s recovery process
  • Affects the aging process down to metabolic level
  • Uses the intelligence of DNA to increase self-healing
  • Helps with injuries of bones, tendons and ligaments
  • Prepares body for surgery
  • Helps with burnout and exhaustion
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Reduces side effects of drugs and chemo

Erich Walker

Erich Walker, a World Cup Winner and Vice World Champion, suffered from back pain for 20 years, had a heart attack at 35 and was depressed at 43. All of this taught him that, the most efficient way to do your best and heal is to untie body, brain and soul. Erich is a top athlete, coach and therapist. He faced his challenges and discovered a secret: There is a fantastic intelligence that our mind is capable of. It can be unleashed with the right tools. Erich has developed and passed down his techniques to many people in the hopes to help heal yourself and bring more joy into your life.

OMNI HypnoCell® Specialist

Bart Sherbon is the only OMNI HypnoCell®, Specialist in Spain. He is certified to help you fast-track your recovery process, prepare you for an operation, influence your aging process. Doing this form of therapy will result in physical and emotional healing to bring more quality to your life.