About Us

The father of hypnotherapy Milton H. Erikson said

"People do not come into therapy to change their past but their future"

If you are silently struggling to overcome your difficulties, you are not alone. You can’t change the past but you can find the strength within you to accept it. You can make a choice and change your future for the better. Hypnosis can help you manage stress, anxieties, addictions and everything that limits you from living your true potential.

Barton Sherbon

I was born in Sydney, Australia where I grew up surrounded by a loving family and friends. I had a successful, fast-paced job in the stockbroking industry for more than a decade. I worked in a stressful environment and it felt like I didn’t belong there. I have always wanted to do something more fulfilling in my life, so I decided to quit my job and travel the world.

I lived in India, taught English in Iran, travelled through Asia, South America and Europe. When I came to Barcelona, I instantly fell in love with the city, the culture and the people. I knew instantly that this is where I belong, where I want to live and make a home.

After moving to Barcelona, I was struggling to learn Spanish and lacked confidence when I spoke to people. This made my communication with others limited and difficult. I wanted to do something about it and became involved in hypnotherapy.

I did my first session of hypnotherapy and I noticed that my confidence had improved significantly, my Spanish was better and I was able to communicate freely. Since my first session, I have used hypnosis to overcome my fear of heights and it has helped greatly with feeling motivated, healthy, positive and made me feel happier in life. My own transformations have encouraged me to make hypnotherapy a fulfilling career so that I may help transform others.

I am passionate about a holistic approach to health. Every day, I am gaining more knowledge on how hypnotherapy can help heal the body and fight chronic diseases. I also have an interest in using hypnotherapy for sports, on performance enhancing and recovery level and I am currently studying the best practices in the sports medicine field. I am in the process of opening a wellness center to combine a healthy mind, body and soul.